The Elder Scrolls: Legends – Heroes of Skyrim

“The Elder Scrolls: Legends – Heroes of Skyrim The expansion includes over 150 new cards, featuring elements from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.” Wikipedia

Enjoy this amazing game. Our team was proud to be part of it!


Inspiring Stormcloak_2000x2000
Hulking Draugr_2000x2000
Dragon Cult Ghost_2000x2000
Dark Guardian_2000x2000
Steelheart Vanquisher_2000x2000
Steelheart Vanquisher Sketches_6054x2000
Stronghold Patrol_2000x2000
Stronghold Patrol Sketches_6067x2000
Unstoppable Rage_2000x2000
Berserker of the Pale_2000x2000
Bringer of Nightmares_2000x2000
Duel Atop the World_2000x2000
Dragons Fury_2000x2000
Ironscale Dragon_2000x2000
Ironscale Dragon Sketches
Wildfire Dragon_2000x2000
Wildfire Dragon Sketches_6092x2000
Skyborn Dragon_2000x2000
Skyborn Dragon Sketches_6061x2000
Sorcerer's Negation_2000x2000
Unrelenting Force_2000x2000
Shadowmaster 2_2000x2000
Shadowmaster 1_2000x2000
Dragon Mound_2000x2000
Night Mother_2000x2000
Emperor Titus Mede II_2000x2000
Frost Giant_2000x2000
Frost Troll_2000x2000
Gloom Lurker_2000x2000
Fire Breath_2000x2000
Dragon Mound_2000x2000
Greybeard Mentor_2000x2000