The Elder Scrolls: Legends

“The Elder Scrolls: Legends is a collectible card video game developed by Dire Wolf Digital and published by Bethesda Softworks for Microsoft Windows and iOS in March 2017.” Wikipedia

Our team did a great job working for this amazing card game. Nuare artists created over 100 of amazing illustrations for TES: Legends and part of them you can already find in the game!


"The Elder Scrolls: Legends", © 2017 ZeniMax Media Inc. / Nuare Studio Inc.
Avatar - Khajiit_2000x2000
Avatar - Khajiit_sketches_2000x656
Baron of Tear_2000x2000
Supreme Atromancer_2000x2000
Expert Atromancer 2_2000x2000
Expert Atromancer_sketches_2000x664
Corpse Curse_2000x3001
Corpse Curse_sketches_2000x991
Orc Captain_2000x2000
Orc Captain_sketches_2000x661
Orc Clansman_2000x2000
Orc Clan Shaman_2000x2000
Stonetooth Scrapper_2000x2000
Garnag, Dark Adherent_2000x2000
Daggers in the Dark_2000x2000
Fahrun Defender_2000x2000
Crushing Blow_2000x2000
Ash Servant_2000x2000
Brotherhood Slayer_2000x1999
Elder Centaur_2000x2000
Ice Storm_2000x2000
Orb of Vaermina_2000x2000
Volkihar Lord_2000x2000
Sower of Revenge_2000x2000
Lesser Fireball_2000x2000
Leader of the Eclipse_2000x2000
Blacksap Protector_2000x2000